No more underutilization

    Discover RailApp which you, as a Rail Service or Rail Professional, can use to submit your availability to Clients at any moment of the day and whenever it suits you. You accept available shifts you were invited for. In no time at all.

    Reach the entire market with 1 click

    Invite partners for shifts with 1 click. They receive the invitation via a push notification. Once they find someone that is qualified and available, the shift is closed. Off to the next shift.

    Sending off all invoices on Monday morning

    Staff sign in and out. Work orders are signed and attached. Evaluation is received. Nothing to retype. Time registration is finished. Invoices can be sent off. Time for coffee.

    For your own planning

    Assigning your own staff for shifts? Via the button below you can read how RailApp works.

    To hire

    Hire external staff at other (fellow) companies and/or freelancers? Read how RailApp works.

    To get shifts

    Respond to shifts at (fellow) companies to make better use of your capabilities? Read how RailApp works.

    For your own planning

    24/7 online and transparant

    With a RailApp company account, you collaborate with your colleagues online. Everything is transparent, you communicate 10 times faster and better, increase revenues, decrease underutilization, and you have secured everything. You can always consult your planning, wherever you are, and the same goes for the staff in the field!

    Everything secured

    After planning your staff, RailApp immediately checks if all documents are up to date and if everyone is (still) qualified for the job. Everything secured. The staff can see their own planning, the job description, the documents, and they know the right contact persons and locations. No more miscommunication.


    Staff sign in and out of shifts, making time registration and other administrative handling very efficient. Work orders and evaluations are directly accessible online. Managing exceptions. Everything via the digital log. Reporting at top speed. Nothing to retype again.

    For hiring


    Urgent request in between jobs? Not enough own capacity? With a RailApp company account, you can reach the entire market with 1 click. Get insight into the availability of capacity from suppliers and/or other (fellow) companies so you can invite your supplier/hired staff effectively. Very convenient and fast.


    The staff can see their own planning, the job description, documents, and they can sign in and out, organizing any work orders. Communication and administrative handling was never as effective as it is now.

    Uniform process

    One way of working. Field staff in the market use the same App for their service information and to sign in and out for shifts. Communication on job content and documents runs via RailApp. Time registration and other administrative processing are all very efficient. More suppliers and partners, but the output is based on the same data formats, making processes like invoice checks a piece of cake.

    To take on jobs


    With a RailApp company account, you can switch 10 times faster, increase revenues, reduce underutilization and have everything secured. You can always access your work environment. Wherever you are, your business environment is 24/7 available to you worldwide!

    Share availability of your staff

    You can share open slots in the schedules of your staff with clients. Make a day, late, or night shift available and click ‘share’. Clients will see your up-to-date availability and invite you for your services.


    Via the RailApp, you receive push notifications directly onto your smartphone with an invitation for an available shift. If this shift fits with your planning, you can immediately assign an available and qualified staff member. RailApp checks the certificates so there is direct feedback in case anything is missing. The shift is assigned right away.