Absolutely. Please contact us and we’ll help you with a trial account to quickly discover the advantages of RailApp.

Because suppliers plan their jobs in RailApp it is especially interesting for Freelancers to take a premium account. You’ll be able to share your availability online with multiple suppliers at once. With your mobile app your availability is always up to date and changed if you suddenly get a job in between.

This way suppliers won’t have to call you if you’re not available and you don’t have to respond with a no. Because you share your availability suppliers can optimize their planning, put their own employees on leave and invite you for jobs. Give RailApp a try and let us know what you think.

Yes, within RailApp you can keep up with the certificates of yourself and your employees. Advantage to this is an added function where you can see if any of the certificates will expire on your dashboard. And whenever you plan a job the system will check if all the needed documents/certificate for the chosen function are in order.

And you decide yourself if certificates can be viewed by suppliers.

For each employee you have the ability to turn on the ‘share icon’ from the dashboard on the webapp. If one of your employees would be available for next Tuesday or Wednesday you put the correct cirkels on green and click on the ‘share icon’ so it turns blue. Now only your suppliers (where this employee is on the grosslist) see that there is someone available on Tuesday or Wednesday. They will contact you faster or invite you for a job. See example:

Beschikbaarheid Jan Bakker

You can also choose to open up all days by pressing the Icon next to the employee. Only the days where the employee has filled it’s availability will be visible and of course those that lie in the future.

Employees of a company that has a RailApp premium account automatically receive their own employee account. You can login through login.railapp.nl or with the mobile app (Playstore and Appstore).

Here you can follow your planning, see detailed description of the job, fill out vacation, extra availability or work preferences, Sign on and off for jobs, see your monthly jobs through the logbook, receive safety messages and read, relevant documents in the library and many more. If you require a manual for the RailApp, please contact your employer.